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A child experiencing grief will often struggle with a number of powerful emotions – sadness, hopelessness, fear and anger. We’re here to walk alongside children on their grief journey by providing the compassionate support needed to cope with the death of a loved one.

At Healing House, we have developed a number of programs and services specifically focused on grieving children. We do not provide counseling or therapy, but rather a safe place where children can express their feelings and thoughts in a group setting and connect with other kids their age who are going through the same experiences.

We offer support groups for children ages 4 through 17 – as well as for their parents or caregivers. Each group is held twice a month and times differ depending upon group placement. Meetings are held at our new home, Randon’s Place at Healing House, located at 160 South Beadle Road in Lafayette.

Activities available to children at Healing House are designed to promote therapeutic play – a natural form of expression proven to help children express their thoughts and emotions in a positive way. These activities include use of art materials, musical instruments, a punching bag, puppets and costumes. Activities for our pre-teen and teen groups are modified with a focus on communication, journaling and self-care.

Caring volunteers facilitate all groups under the direction of a mental health professional, and are trained to observe, listen and respond appropriately to a grieving child. Please note that an adult must accompany a child during the duration of the group session. He or she may join the adult support group or enjoy quiet time in other areas of the house.

All services are provided free of charge to families and made possible by fundraisers, donations from individuals, foundations and grants. Donations of supplies and services are always welcome.

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