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Martini Votes


Donate now to cast your vote for “Lafayette’s ABSOLUT Best Martini”! Every $1 = 1 vote and the minimum is $10.

To order, if you only want the minimum of $10 (10 votes) then simply enter 0 for the donation amount and click add to cart. If you wish to purchase more than the minimum of $10 (10 votes), enter the amount over 10 as the donation and click add to cart. For example, you want to buy 15 votes, you would enter 5 as the donation amount and click add to cart to purchase 15 votes.






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This absolutely fun fundraiser involves eight local restaurants competing to see who can create the best martini. Patrons donate $1 for each vote they make. The contest moves to a different restaurant over eight weeks, culminating in a Gala where the ABSOLUT Best Martini winner is announced.During Checkout under the Additional Information section, please note which of the 8 participating restaurants you would like your votes to support








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