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When your child has experienced the death of a loved one, it can be difficult for you to know what to expect. The fact is that everyone grieves differently – but by answering the following grief assessment questions you can determine whether your child might benefit from the support services at Healing House.

  1. Has your child experienced changes in his/her sleep patterns since the death?
  2. Has your child experienced changes in his/her eating patterns since the death?
  3. Has your child demonstrated changes in his/her academic performance since the death?
  4. Has your child demonstrated increased dependency since the death?
  5. Has your child’s overall behavior noticeably changed (increase in energy, acting out more, increased aggression)?
  6. Has your child been more withdrawn and/or appeared sad or depressed?
  7. Has your child complained of an increase in physical complaints since the death?

If you answered “yes” to 4 out of 7 of these questions, your child is grieving and could benefit from the ability to act out accordingly at Healing House.

If your child has experienced a death, and you answered “no” to 4 out of 7 – remain aware of these symptoms, as a child’s grief may not become apparent until months after the death has occurred.

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